A Year at Mission Hill

It's good to be reminded that there are some pretty amazing things going on in schools every day. Good things are happening at Mission Hill, a K-8 school in Boston. Click through the Prezi below and tell me you aren't impressed.

I really like that they believe in educators taking an active telling their stories and taking a solution-oriented approach to it. They also provide a heap of links for you to learn more from other sources.

[article] 'Young teachers: Talented, eager—and lost in the shuffle' -PiPress

There are many issues around young teachers that deserve comment here.

The article mentions shrinking budgets (in Atlanta), career opportunity ("Not many things get me thinking about teaching 10 or 20 years from now and not feeling complacent"), leadership opportunities for teachers (an even more thankless job), and funding for a teacher evaluation system (from the union prez no less).

But there are others.

What about the role of teacher trainers and in preparing young teachers for the profession? What about policies such as LIFO ("Last In, First Out") that handcuff school administrators, who should be responsible for making hiring and firing decisions? What about communities that should engage with their schools to support teachers and students in whatever way they can?

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