Minnesota students are first on ACT list | StarTribune.com

Among all states, the Minnesota average was 10th best. But of the states where at least half of the graduating class took the test, Minnesota's average topped the chart.

This is good news for Minnesota, but I'm still interested in the how these ACT results look in relation to the achievement gap...

According to info available at act.org, there is still a pretty big difference in test-taking and performance between black and white students in Minnesota:

  • 81% of tests were taken by White students, 4% by Black students (my calculations show that the student population in MN is 75.7% White and 9.6% Black)
  • Average score across all tests for White students was 23.2 (out of 36) and 17.8 for Black students (average across all students was 22.7)
I think that these numbers lend some support for Teach For America's entry to the Twin Cities...