[Video] Amazing Teachers in Action - NYTimes

If you've never seen an amazing teacher in action, you need to check this out.

Doug Lemov, the founder of Uncommon Schools, talks you through the techniques used by teachers in different classrooms to achieve learning.

I'm wondering how to characterize these techniques... On the surface, they are classroom management techniques - how to get kids to listen, how to move them from one area of the class to another, how to call on kids, how to keep them on their toes. But on a deeper level, these are techniques that took teachers a lot of trial-and-error to figure out. It takes knowledge and experience working with students as well as content knowledge to develop, execute, and know why these techniques works so well.

That said, I'm not sure how well a brand-spanking-new teacher would be able to apply these techniques in their classroom. Yes, these techniques look simple enough, but they require time to develop, intensive practice with students, and persistence and consistency on behalf of the teacher to work.

So, while these are good models for how to teach, don't be tricked into thinking that just anyone can pick them up and implement them tomorrow.