Wanted: Jeremy's Killer iPad App (for academics)

On the off chance that someone cares about what I think and is willing to act on it in order to take my money...

One app could make the iPad a worthy investment for me, and just about every student/academic I know. If you've ever been in a professor's office, you've seen mounds of papers - mostly journal articles that have either been read or are to be read. The iPad could potentially eliminate these paper piles and give grad students a place to sit during advising meetings... but it needs an app for that.

This app needs the following features:
  1. Remotely store PDFs and other document formats (in particular, my downloaded journal articles)
  2. Plenty of storage space (several GBs)
  3. Have a brilliant reader for these documents
  4. Allow intuitive markup of documents that is both noticeable and unobtrusive
  5. Provide an easy way to search and organize documents (tags, folders)
  6. Let me access documents on multiple devices
Storing should be a no-brainer. I have PDFs spread across several computers in various file structures that inevitably get lost. Put them in one place. Make them taggable. Make them searchable.

Viewing should be easy and pleasureable on an iPad. Scroll, zoom, etc.

I basically need something between Evernote, Zotero, and Dropbox (although none of these have PDF mark-up).

I'd be willing to pay $7 per month (or $80/year). I like Evernote's pricing model best (additional monthly uploading storage, but you don't lose data if you cut your plan back down the road).

Does this already exist and I'm just missing it?